String Localization

The SortByLogSizePlugin doesn't have many strings, but it would be great to translate them into other languages. You'll have to register for an account before you can edit this page. If you'd like, please also add your name as you'd like it to appear in the plugin credits. I'm sorry I didn't think of this sooner; I've added usernames for the translations that have already been added. Thanks!

Localizable strings

Plugin description

A one-line description of the plugin's functionality.

Language Translation Translator
English Allows the Adium contact list to be sorted by chat transcript file size. Jon Chambers
French Permettre à la liste des contacts d'Adium d'être triée par la taille des fichiers d'historique. Axisama
Spanish Permitir que la lista de los contactos de Adium esté ordenada según el tamaño de los archivos del historial. chadsinge
Icelandic Sorterar félagalistann eftir stærð spjallannála tomas
German Erlaubt es, die Kontaktliste nach Chat-Log-Dateigrösse zu sortieren. Ferdi aka gedoens
German Ermöglicht das Ordnen der Kontaktliste nach der Dateigröße der gespeicherten Unterhaltungen. Robby
Swedish Sorterar Adiumkontakter efter chattloggars filstorlek. Anton Johansson

The text of the menu item (in the Adium View menu) the user selects to enable sorting by log file size. Note that this should be in the same style and of comparable length (if practical) to the other "Sort Contacts..." entries in the View menu.

Language Translation Translator
English Sort Contacts by Log Size Jon Chambers
French Tri des contacts par la taille de leur historique Axisama
Spanish Ordenar los contactos según el tamaño de sus archivos del historial chadsinge
Icelandic Flokka eftir stærð annála tomas
German Kontakte nach Log-Grösse sortieren Ferdi aka gedoens
German Kontakte nach der Größe der gespeicherten Unterhaltungen sortieren Robby
Swedish Sorterar kontaker efter chattloggstorlek.  Anton Johansson